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“World House of Lebanon” (WHoL) is a non-profit apolitical non-governmental organization based in Lebanon, launched on June 1st, 2009, Ministry of Interior registration no. 1124.

“World House of Lebanon” (WHoL) aims to promote the spirit of cooperation and union among resident and non-resident Lebanese citizens, including emigrants of Lebanese descent. On one hand, WHoL endeavors to encourage the participation of non-resident Lebanese citizens in Lebanon’s political, economic, social, and cultural life, and on the other hand, encourage them to defend the Lebanese cause in their country of residence.

To undo past injustices and to regain “TRUST” that was lost between Lebanon and the Emigrants on all levels due to several negative approaches, mainly the fact that Lebanon didn’t see in the Diaspora other than a “goose that laid golden eggs”.

To create effective links between Lebanese emigrants and Lebanon enabling those emigrants to have a real stake in their home country and allowing Lebanon at the same time to benefit from the depth and breadth of knowledge, experience and resources these emigrants possess in an egalitarian and mutually respectful fashion.

"World House of Lebanon" (WHoL) will translate its vision into reality by becoming a leading organization in creating links that will strengthen relations between Lebanon and the emigrant community by focusing on:

   Building “TRUST” relationships materialized firstly with the Emigrants right of voting thus leading
   ultimately to a safe environment for investors
   Enhance communication and linkages between the two groups
   Lessen the risks on Lebanese Emigrants by providing a platform of information, dialogue, advise and
   support on legal, commercial and social interests they have in Lebanon.

For more information or inquiries, please contact us at:
World House of Lebanon Sanayeh , Justinian street, CCIAB Bldg., 11th Floor
Telephone: +961 1 738 690
Email: info@worldhouseoflebanon.org